Flooring and how to take care of it!

Wooden Flooring

Although energy efficiency is important, I have seen many people that could not decide between having wooden flooring or carpet fitted in their properties, and I wanted my new blog post to help answer some of the FAQ’s when it comes to making this decision!

In the majority of areas within your home, you can install wooden flooring. These are areas in your home such as the play areas, kitchens, bathrooms, business rooms and even conservatory. For changes to your living space, it is very cost effective and ensures that your home is both free of dust and very hygienic. It is particularly useful if you or your family have pets or suffer from allergens.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service will do wonders to ensure that your carpets life will be prolonged, and prevent those allergens allergens being trapped within the carpet fibres, if not removed completely. If you take the plunge however, there are three types of flooring that can be installed for you. They are:


Laminate flooring which contains wood effect is made up of fibre board materials and melamine resin, and then to create the desired effect is set with an imposed image and under a protective transparent layer protecting the surface.



  • If using click-lock then easy to install.
  • Variety of effects and colors
  • It can last for years and is cheap.



  • Swelling can be caused by moisture exposure.
  • Gaps can be left which would cause bloating if installed incorrectly.
  • Laminate flooring can look cheap and fake if you get the wrong type.
  • If installing on uneven floors, can cause complications.

What we can see here is that laminate is probably the most cost-effective, and probably the most beginner friendly. However, due to other factors such as the overtime moisture penetration, difficult installation possibilities and problems that can be caused if improperly done, some may be worried to go down that specific route. Therefore, although it is cost-effective and provides quantity over quality, you must ask yourself if it is worth the price.

Laminate is probably the most cost effective from what we can see here, and for beginners is the most easy to install. What most be kept in mind however is that other factors such as the overtime moisture penetration, possibilities in difficult installation and if improperly done the problems which can be caused, some could be wary of using laminate. Although it is the most cost effective, it focuses on quantity over quality which I find is a personal preference.

Engineered Wood

Mainly derived from pieces of OSB (Oriented Strand Board), Plywood or even MDF (Medium Density Fibrewood) glued together, this remains a popular choice.


  • Moisture and humidity effects this wood less.
  • Has a more realistic look.
  • Is more protected than real wooden floors.
  • Sanding this flooring is possible.
  • Long life expectancy.


  • Can be more difficult to install in specific places (stairs, etc).
  • Expensive.
  • Easily scratched and damaged.
  • May need to be Glued.
  • Can be easily damaged if sanded yourself so a professional should be called.

Due to the practical positives of engineered wood, some may opt for this. It is a perfect match between synthetic and real, and due to the long life expectancy, potential to look real, ability to be modified and overall flooring protection offered, many would choose this option. However, because this flooring is very easily damaged, difficult to install in specific played and can be expensive, people who wish for convenience may not choose this option.

Solid Wood

This flooring is simply made of pieces of solid wood, as the name suggests!


  • It is what it says on the tin, and looks most realistic.
  • Long┬álife expectancy.



  • Of all options, the most expensive.
  • needs to be polished regularly.


While it is real and long lasting, it is also just as endurable as any modified wood. It is also the preference for some due to people having a specific image of what they would like in mind. The issue of real wood is that it is so expensive, and the costs of keeping the floor clean are larger than most people are looking for. You can find an imitation for cheaper.