Energy Efficient Building Materials

So I have started to become very conscious recently when it comes to being energy efficient and eco-friendly, which you will see in my shed building post. For example, designs and building materials should be renewable or recyclable. That needs to be a focus nowadays. If we can build properties that are not only structurally sound but also eco-friendly, we should go the extra mile even with the extra costs. Usually these renewable materials are cheaper for both property owners and the company constructing the property however. That’s why this first blog post will be looking at these materials which can be used instead of the common materials that are often used in the trade.


One of the more popular renewable materials which are popular among the eco-friendly construction companies are actually recycled steel. That is because the recycled steel is actually incredibly strong and cheap, used as a replacement for the ordinary wooden beams that are popular. It even makes the whole process easier due to ordering the steel beams and panels customized, allowing it to fit the designs of your current project with ease. Since these materials are durable, they can often be subject to high winds and earthquakes easily. In most of England however, this isn’t an issue luckily. What I find more interesting is that for every 2000 square foot house, you would actually need to cut down 40 or 50 trees, where with the recycled steel you would only actually need 6 recycled cars. It’s beneficial, renewable and honestly, the best option altogether.

Another material which I am a huge supporter of is insulated concrete. Shockingly many people do not know this however. It’s just the simple process of placing concrete within the insulated materials in the walls, and other parts of the property. It stays as a permanent fixture within the structure and will not need regular inspection due to the durability. What I find the most interesting about the materials is that studies have been shown to save up to 20 percent of the energy used by wooden framed buildings.

Related to insulate concrete walling, I also feel that cool roofing is another material many are unaware of. The idea of this material is actually reall smart, reflecting heat and making the property and roof cooler. It allows for less heat to transfer in the building, but also doesn’t make the property any cooler during the winter months. You could use darker colored materials along with this also. The only issue is that compared to ordinary roofing materials it can be a lot more expensive at £40 per square foot more. However, for those who are more eco-friendly, the option for renewable materials over cost-effectiveness should consider this option.

There is a more unpopular material that has been underused within the trade is structural insulated panels. This material involves again, covering the sides of the property with insulated panels and setting it using wood or cement. The reason this is an unpopular materials among the trade is because many feel as if it looks ugly, while others are completely unaware the materials even exist. However, you can find many different forms of finish for the panels, which allow the panels to look much more aesthetical. This is another material that can save energy, quoting up to 50 percent in energy costs when compared to using current conventional materials. This allows it to become a much more eco-friendly material, and one we would definitely recommend.

Finally, the most obvious recyclable material is wood or plastic, which could come from anything from plastic bags from supermarkets all the way to children’s toys. Mainly however, they are used from products that will not be used again. Using both recycled plastics and wood will allow structure to be more durable, and would increase the strength also. More resistant to rot and mould, it does mean that the materials are less rigid when exposed to rigorous weather conditions (cold and heat). The main negative of this material however is the price since it is considered very expensive.