Flooring and how to take care of it!

Wooden Flooring   Some of our clients are torn between removing their carpet and having wooden flooring installed.  This blog will help you to answer some of the questions that are frequently asked when people decide to make the change.   Wooden flooring can be installed in most areas including your Home, Business, Conservatory, Play areas, Kitchens and Bathrooms. It is a cost effective way to transform your living spaces, and ensure your home is kept hygienic and free of dust mites, particularly useful if you have pets and/or children that suffer from these allergens.   Regularly hiring a Professional carpet cleaning service such as Merton Carpet Cleaners, will prolong the life of your carpets and also prevent and remove the allergens that are trapped within the carpet fibres. However, if you do decide to take the plunge, it is important that you understand the three types of flooring that can be installed: Laminate   Wood effect Laminate Flooring is made of melamine resin and fibre board materials, set with an image imposed to create the desired effect, under a protective transparent layer to protect the surface.   Pros   Cheap and can last for years. Simple to install if using click-lock. A […]

Secret Hobby: Shed building

So weirdly enough, one of my favourite hobbies is actually shed building. It is such a common structure around the world however, and is genuinely requested a lot. For personal use or even for work, many do pay for the services to have a shed built, and after a few years I actually have a small amount of advice that I can share for anyone who wants to try to build one themselves! You should always ensure that the shed is built with a solid foundation. When building a shed you should never expect it to last long if you build with a weak foundation. Really, sheds should be built on strong materials such as blocks of concrete or wood timbers (read my previous post!) that have already been pressure-treated and set directly into the ground with enough spacing. This is to ensure that the sheds supported and levelled correctly. I would also suggest that you build on dry land if you want to really focus on the life expectancy on your shed. When the land you build on is wet, your shed will be more exposed to erosion. On top of that, if the shed will be built in […]

Energy Efficient Building Materials

So I have started to become very conscious recently when it comes to being energy efficient and eco-friendly. For example, designs and building materials should be renewable or recyclable. That needs to be a focus nowadays. If we can build properties that are not only structurally sound but also eco-friendly, we should go the extra mile even with the extra costs. Usually these renewable materials are cheaper for both property owners and the company constructing the property however. That’s why this first blog post will be looking at these materials which can be used instead of the common materials that are often used in the trade. One of the more popular renewable materials which are popular among the eco-friendly construction companies are actually recycled steel. That is because the recycled steel is actually incredibly strong and cheap, used as a replacement for the ordinary wooden beams that are popular. It even makes the whole process easier due to ordering the steel beams and panels customized, allowing it to fit the designs of your current project with ease. Since these materials are durable, they can often be subject to high winds and earthquakes easily. In most of England however, this isn’t […]

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Harry Dechering, a carpenter, and in this blog I’m going to be talking about all the issues I come across during my line of work, give you some tips about how to help us do our jobs better, how to look after your wood furnishings in the best way and some of my other thoughts! Check back often for more posts (sometimes I won’t post for a while if I get a large job!) You can contact me on the contact page if you ever want to get in touch about something you’d like to read about!